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Wilderness First Aid

The Wilderness First Aid course is designed for the outdoor recreationists/enthusiast, people that work in remote or rural areas or those that just like to be outside of the city which puts them miles from a medical facility. Examples include hikers, skiers, hunters, climbers, rafters, fishermen, farmers, foresters, ranchers, boy/girl scout leaders or small communities where the EMS system may not be able to respond immediately to an emergency. The course covers how do deal with common injuries and illnesses to prepare responders with how to deal with emergencies before they happen.

The book is required and available to purchase at the NW Regional Training Center Wilderness First Aid- Emergency Care for Remote Locations: 4th edition (Emergency Care and Safety Institute AAOS)

If you are interested please contact us for upcoming class dates at : 564-397-2100

Cost: $200.00

Class Length: 16 hours

Please note: A minimum of four students needed to conduct this course.

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