Prop 1: Levy Lid Lift for Fire Protection & Emergency Medical Services

Pro and Con Committees

Posted April 18, 2022


Pro/for committee seats have been filled.


Clark County Fire Protection District No. 5 recently adopted Resolution No. 2022-03-01, providing for the submission to the voters on August 2, 2022, a proposition authorizing the District to restore its regular property tax levy to $1.25 per $1,000.00 of true and assessed valuation in 2022 for collection in 2023 to be adjusted by six percent or less for each of the following five years, subject to otherwise applicable statutory limitations. The District is accepting names of people interested in participating in voter pamphlet statement pro and con committees. Appointments must be made by May 13, 2022.

Citizens interested in participating, please contact Jennifer Bethke by April 8, 2022.

Contact Information: or 564-397-2148